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Mosquito denge.

What is dengue?

Dengue is a viral disease transmitted by the bite of an infected mosquito (Aedes aegypti). It is characterized by fever and other symptoms that can quickly become serious if not detected and treated early.


Where are the mosquitoes?

The dengue mosquito is usually played in containers in which water stagnates, becoming potential mosquito breeding sites. The farms are very diverse, but the most common are:

    • Tanks
    • Bottles
    • Cans
    • Wheels
    • Any other type of trash

These farms can grow, around and inside our home and in schools, markets, parks or anywhere where rainwater accumulates. However, most infections occur in our own house is the reason that the disease is more common in women and children.


How transmission occurs?

Stings can occur at any time of day, but the hours are more common in the morning and evening.

There are two ways in which the mosquito can become infected: the first is when the infected female mosquito lays her eggs in water containers that are left too long without clean, allowing the eggs to become larvae and subsequently infected mosquitoes that are born . The second is when a mosquito bites a person suffering from dengue and then bites another person, transmitting the disease.

What are the symptoms of the presence of dengue fever?

Dengue fever can occur in two ways:

1. The classic dengue symptoms are:

High fever, headache abrupt facility, usually located in the region of the forehead, eye pain in the orbital region and is increased by moving the eyeball, pain in joints and muscles, lack of appetite, nausea and vomiting.

2. In Dengue hemorrhagic symptoms are identical to those of dengue fever but more severe and serious, and the following symptoms:

Severe stomach pain, frequent vomiting with or without blood. Rapid pulse, paleness, coldness of the skin, shock, even death.

In both cases, dengue is more severe in children

What to do if you get sick from dengue?

In any case there is suspicion of dengue is imperative to see a doctor as soon as possible in the nearest health center.

You should not take any medicine.

When suspicion of dengue is very important not taking aspirin or other medicines containing acetylsalicylic acid, since the use of this medicine may cause massive bleeding or even death.


How to prevent?

    1. Keep environment clean
    2. Clean all trash often both at home and the area around your home.
    3. Prevent pooling of water in containers that can serve as shelter for the mosquito.
    4. Open windows to ventilate the house and the sun could penetrate
    5. Always Cover containers with water to prevent mosquito deposits its eggs
    6. Avoid being bitten by mosquitoes
    7. Have screens on the windows of your house
    8. Set traps for mosquitoes before the mosquitoes come to the house and be bitten.
    9. Use insect repellent containing DEET, because they are the ones who gives you a scientifically proven long protection.
    10. Use bed nets in young children where they sleep
    11. Use repellents both physically and environmental.

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