Biogents Trap Mosquitaire
(R) uses a patented combination of visual signs, artificial air, and a
patented smell imitator of 3-component called "Sweetscent tm Biogents" identical to human scent skin.

The operation begins with air generated from the trap of Biogents mosquitaire, this air that emanates from biogents mosquitaire also distributes the scent on and around the trap, it´s the typical characteristic odor produced by the warm human body . Mosquitoes are attracted by this combination of stimulus and approach Biogents Mosquitaire trap where they are sucked in by the same fan where they are absorbed and retained. Soon dehydrate and die. The interesting thing is that is not used pesticides or insecticides.


With Biogents Mosquitaire, you have the power tool a mosquito trapping tiger.

The Biogents Mosquitare

"It was designed especially for mosquito trap tiger (Aedes aegypti) of dengue vectors.

-does not require carbon dioxide

operates on non-flammable gases

-does not attract beneficial insects like butterflies.

-does not use pesticides, so it is environmentally friendly

-very low maintenance

as it needs only a spare every two months.

"It's economic power and 12v single 3.5w

-Can be used both indoors and outdoors

No other trap offers specificity, efficiency, easy use and friendly as Biogents Mosquitaire.

Trampa Biogenst Mosquitaire

BioGents Winner


BioGents is one of 22 winners of

Market DEVELOPMENT World Bank

2007 Global Competition

World Bank Global Competition Winner

Bio Gents won U.S. $ 189,220 for a pilot program

for suppression and dengue transmission with traps

BG-Sentinel mosquito in Brazil.

Summary of Awarded OFFER:

Objective: To effectively suppress dengue transmission in Brazil by the use of new mosquito traps that are placed in homes, public buildings and workplaces.

Analysis: The classic dengue and dengue hemorrhagic diseases are among the most important vector-borne predominantemene affecting poor populations. Some 2.5 billion people are at risk and there are 50 to 100 million cases worldwide each year.

There is no specific treatment and no vaccine available for the disease. The conventional mosquito control is not in the highly urbanized areas due to a variety of reasons, including the ineffectiveness of large-scale insecticide use, cost and laborious use of skin repellents, insecticides inability to use inside and Limited protective bed nets during the day among others. Consequently, the effective control of dengue vectors remains a challenging task.

Innovation / Expected Results: This project aims to tackle the problem where it appears-on the inside of homes and public buildings. A recently developed system of the trap, the BG_Sentinel, has proved very efficient in controlling dengue vectors and has the potential to be produced economically on a large scale because of the simple technology that manages. Displaying the tram efficient traps for vectors of dengue in public and private buildings, the project enables individuals, families and communities to measure risk and take steps to prevent the disease. This project aims to 600 households (approximately 3,000) to start the dengue prevention strategy. Proof of this concept successful, state agencies and NGOs involved in the national program for dengue control in Brazil (and potentially other countries) could adopt this strategy to combat dengue outbreaks.



It is the result of over 15 years of academic research in the capture of mosquitoes, the BG-Sentinel is the best trap for mosquitoes that transmit diseases like Tigere mosquito (Aedes aegypti) dengue. Among other mosquitoes.

The BG-Sentinel mosquito trap uses a patented combination of visual signals, artificial air and a patented 3-component imitator called Biogents Sweetscent human scent that mimics the skin

This combination of features has been developed especially for mosquito tiger, (fever) at the University of Regensburg in Germany. Its effectiveness has been tested and approved by scientific and professional organizations of mosquito control in different parts of the world.